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Infosys only Indian company in top 100 of TIME’s World’s best companies list 2023

The list of 750 companies also includes other Indian firms like Wipro, Mahindra Group, Reliance Industries, HCL Technologies, HDFC Bank, WNS Global Services and ITC Limited

TIME Magazine recently released its inaugural list of the World’s Best Companies for 2023. The list comprises 750 global companies recognized as trailblazers shaping the future.

This new list identifies trailblazing companies worldwide based on a comprehensive analysis by TIME Magazine and market research firm Statista.

Infosys has emerged as the sole Indian company in the top 100 of this list, with 64th Ranking .Along with Infosys, other leading Indian firms namely Wipro, Mahindra Group, Reliance Industries, HCL Technologies, HDFC Bank, and ITC Limited also found a place on the expansive list across its 750 rankings.

The top 4 positions were clinched by Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet (Google’s parent), and Meta Platforms (Facebook). The top 100 featured prominent names like Accenture, Pfizer, BMW Group, Starbucks, Volkswagen, and others.


Overall, 750 companies were recognized as the world’s best across sectors like technology, automotive, healthcare, energy, luxury, aviation, and professional services.

Other Leading Indian Companies on the Full List

TIME’s list of World’s Best Companies 2023 covers 750 global corporations. Apart from Infosys in the top 100, other leading Indian companies featured include:

  • Infosys at #64
  • Wipro at #174
  • Mahindra Group at #210
  • Reliance Industries at #248
  • HCL Technologies at #262
  • HDFC Bank at #418
  • WNS Global Services at #596
  • ITC Limited at #672

The presence of these Indian companies, including Infosys, marks the country’s emergence as a center for business leadership and technology innovation on the global stage.


The Indian companies featured in TIME’s World’s Best Companies list showcase the country’s diverse business strengths across sectors:

  • Infosys and Wipro are global powerhouses in IT services and consulting, generating billions in revenue.
  • Reliance Industries is India’s largest private company, with interests across energy, petrochemicals, retail, digital services, telecom and more.
  • Mahindra Group is a leading Indian conglomerate operating across aerospace, agribusiness, automotive, defense, logistics, real estate and several other industries.
  • HCL Technologies is another frontrunner in India’s IT services industry with a strong global footprint.
  • HDFC Bank is among the top private banks in India providing banking and financial services to millions of customers.
  • WNS Global Services is a recognized business process management solutions company serving global clients.
  • ITC Limited is a diversified conglomerate with businesses spanning FMCG, hotels, packaging, paperboards, specialty papers and more.

The presence of these leading corporations from dynamic sectors highlights India’s rapid evolution into a global hub for technology services, engineering, manufacturing, financial services and business excellence.

Infosys Among the Top 100 Companies Worldwide

Bengaluru-headquartered Infosys, founded in 1981, emerged at #64 among the top 100 companies on TIME’s newly launched list. With over 336,000 employees globally, Infosys has cemented its position as India’s iconic IT services and consulting firm.

Its place among the world’s best companies demonstrates Infosys’ globally benchmarked excellence across employee experience, financial growth and ESG standards.

Infosys tweeted about the same:

TIME’s Evaluation Methodology for Ranking Companies

TIME partnered with market research organization Statista to analyze and rank the highest-performing companies worldwide based on three key dimensions:

Employee Satisfaction – Assessed via extensive surveys across 58 countries involving around 150,000 respondents. The survey gathered direct and indirect recommendations about employers on aspects like work conditions, salary, atmosphere, image, and equality.

Revenue Growth – Evaluated using financial data from Statista’s revenue database. Companies had to meet specific criteria, including generating minimum revenue of $100 million in 2022 and demonstrating positive growth between 2020-2022. Both absolute and relative revenue growth were considered.

Sustainability – Measured across various environmental, social and governance (ESG) parameters. Environment metrics included emissions intensity, reduction rate and CDP rating. Social aspects covered gender diversity in leadership and human rights policy. Governance evaluated CSR reporting, compliance policy, etc.

Final rankings were based on consolidated, weighted scores across the three dimensions.

By securing a place among the top 100 companies worldwide, Infosys has highlighted India’s strengths and potential across diverse sectors. Its balanced performance on employee centricity, growth and ESG makes Infosys a trailblazer that sets an example for responsible, sustainable business practices.

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