Festival of Laziness: Win Rs.80,000 for your lethargy

Montenegrins host the whole globe of the festival of Laziness awarding a sizeable cash price to the winner reclaiming the stereotype that people of Montenegro are lazy.

The “Festival of Laziness,” an occasion that might be compared to a dream competition for them, exists for every individual who struggles to gather the drive to get out of bed and map a clear life path, with the exception of those who live outside of Montenegro. Yes, this really is a happy occasion! This strange competition, held in the town of Brezna, has drawn notice because of its unusual goal: to see who can lie down for the greatest period of time without being disqualified for doing so. Contestants lie on mattresses and do little work in an effort to win the $10,000 prize and the coveted title of Montenegro’s “laziest citizen.”

In truth, this tournament began on August 21 of this year and is still going strong despite being said to have been a tradition for the previous 12 years. Four devoted “sleep” lovers out of the original 21 participants continue, momentarily putting aside their responsibilities to their families, jobs, and education. The overall winner will get a sizeable cash award of €1,000 (about Rs. 88,276).


How does the contest take place?

Mattresses are strewn on the rough wooden floor of a barn-like building that has its curtains pulled. The space is home to disorganized mounds of strewn clothing, food scraps, and abandoned blankets, and participants spend the time by staring at their phones or trying to get some shut-eye. They reside in a vacation spot, consume three meals daily, and have access to restrooms every eight hours. Although their health is continuously monitored, the basic guideline is still the same: they are not allowed to sit or stand up straight. However, members are allowed to make and receive calls, read, and even have guests.

The competition’s regulations were somewhat altered for this year’s edition, giving competitors a 15-minute break every eight hours. By increasing the length over the extraordinary 24-day threshold, this modification has made it possible to break the previous record. The bulk of the competitors are from Montenegro, however, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia have also sent representatives.

Cook Gordana Filipovic, 36, from a neighbouring town said, “I am proud of myself for lasting this long. She described her husband’s viewpoint and quoted him as saying, “Wife, you are on vacation. Lay back and relax.

This odd game began as a lighthearted means of debunking the myth that Montenegrins are slothful.


In order to win the cash prize and the distinction of Montenegro’s laziest citizen, competitors lie on mattresses and do virtually nothing.

The tournament is a parody of the notion that Montenegrins are lethargic, and its creator Radonja Blagojevic remarked, “We wanted to organize something that no one else has.”

The competition for this year began on August 21 and is currently going strong.

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