1-month-old Baby died in USA after her mother mistakenly put her in oven for nap

The baby's mother, Mariah Thomas of Kansas City, is now facing severe charges

According to a report by the news agency Associated Press, a baby tragically lost her life in Missouri on Friday, February 9th after the baby’s mother, Mariah Thomas of Kansas City, mistakenly placed her child inside an oven for a nap. The baby’s mother is currently facing severe charges.

The mother, Mariah Thomas, now faces the “Class A felony of endangering the welfare of a child in the 1st degree, death of a child,” as informed by a prosecutor on Saturday, February 10th. The incident happened on Friday afternoon when authorities responded to a distress call concerning a month-old infant who was not breathing at a residence near 41st Street and Forest Avenue. Upon arrival, emergency responders declared the baby dead.

Detectives immediately found the circumstances surrounding the infant’s death suspicious, prompting them to launch a thorough investigation. Upon examining the child’s body, burns were discovered, leading to pressing questions for Mariah Thomas. In her statement to authorities, Thomas revealed that she had intended to lay the baby down for a nap but mistakenly placed her inside the oven instead of her crib.

The exact details surrounding how this tragic mistake occurred remain unclear at this stage of the investigation. Additionally, it is uncertain whether Mariah Thomas has legal representation. The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office is overseeing the investigation, exploring the possibility of whether Thomas’s actions were deliberate.

Jackson County prosecuting attorney Jean Peters Baker expressed deep sorrow over the tragic loss, stating, “We acknowledge the gruesome nature of this tragedy, and our hearts are weighted by the loss of this precious life.” He further added, “ We trust the criminal justice system to respond appropriately to these awful circumstances.”

This incident echoes another recent case of infant endangerment. Just last month, a newborn was discovered abandoned in a shopping bag at the intersection of Greenway and High Street South in Newham, East London. A passerby walking their dog alerted authorities to the scene, leading to the infant’s rescue.

Upon arrival at the hospital, medical personnel found the baby wrapped in a towel within the bag, suffering from extreme cold. It took nearly three hours for doctors to stabilize the infant’s temperature. The investigation into locating the baby’s mother is ongoing.

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