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Santosh Sivan to receives Pierre Angenieux tribute at Cannes.

This award will be presented on May 24 during the festival's 77th edition.

Santosh Sivan first Indian to receive Pierre Angenieux Tribute.

Santosh Sivan, a renowned Indian cinematographer, has made history by being the first Indian to receive the prestigious Pierre Angenieux Tribute at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. This award, which recognizes his exceptional career and outstanding contributions to the cinema will be presented on May 24 during the festival’s 77th edition.

The Pierre Angenieux Tribute is a prestigious award that acknowledges the achievements of outstanding cinematographers. Since its initiation at Cannes in 2013, the award has esteemed legendary figures like Philippe Rousselot, Vilmos Zsigmond, Roger Deakins, Peter Suschitzky, Christopher Doyle, Edward Lachman, Bruno Delbonnel, Agnes Godard, Darius Khondji, and Barry Ackroyd. With Santosh Sivan now joining this illustrious list, it marks a proud moment for Indian cinema.

The award ceremony will be held on May 24, 2024, during the Cannes Film Festival, rejoicing Sivan’s extraordinary achievements. On May 23, the day before the award ceremony a master class conducted by Sivan will lead the ceremony. This session will be a golden opportunity for young filmmakers to gain wisdom and learn from Sivan’s vast experience and expertise. His guidance is expected to be invaluable for those aspiring to make their mark in the field of cinematography.

Santosh Sivan being the first Indian to receive
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Born on February 8, 1964, Santosh Sivan is a multi-talented Indian cinematographer who has made significant contributions to Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi cinema as a cinematographer, film director, producer, and actor. Graduating from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, Sivan has an impressive portfolio that includes 55 feature films and 50 documentaries. Known for his artistic and technical excellence, Sivan has worked on critically acclaimed films such as “Dil Se,” “Raja,” “Iruvar,” and “Kalapani.”

His unique visual style and storytelling ability have earned him international recognition, enriching not only Indian cinema but also making a significant impact globally. Santosh Sivan’s career is decorated with numerous accolades. He has won twelve National Film Awards, six Filmfare Awards, four Kerala State Film Awards, and three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. As a founding member of the Indian Society of Cinematographers, Sivan is honored as the most awarded Director of Photography in India.

His journey in filmmaking began with his first National Award in 1988 for “The Story of Tiblu.” Over the years, he continued to gather accolades, including recognition for his film “Halo,” which won Best Children’s Film and Best Sound at the 43rd National Film Awards. Sivan’s ability to blend visual artistry with enticing storytelling has made him a respected figure in both Indian and international cinema.

Santosh Sivan’s recognition at the Cannes Film Festival is not just a personal achievement but also an auspicious moment for Indian cinema. It underscores the global appreciation for Indian filmmakers and their contributions to the cinematic world. Sivan’s work transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, bringing the richness of Indian storytelling to a global audience.

The Pierre Angenieux Tribute highlights Sivan’s dedication, creativity, and excellence in cinematography. It acknowledges his influence in the film industry and his role in inspiring the next generations of filmmakers.

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