Nancy Pelosi requesting world leaders to boycott Winter Olympics in Beijing

China is under the fire for its human rights violation. Due to which, US politician has called to shun the game.

Nancy Pelosi, Representative Speaker at the U.S House, urges a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing Olympics on Tuesday. The reason for this boycott is the fact that China is getting a lot of backlash over its treatment towards Uygur Muslims and other minorities residing 

in Xinjiang province. During the bipartisan congressional hearing, Pelosi said that the world leaders around the world should shun the game altogether.

The games i.e Winter Olympics in Beijing were scheduled to take place on February 4th, 2022, which is six months after the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

 She further says that if the leaders were to visit there, it would question their morality and disregard the human rights issue and genocide. Republican Congressman Chris Smith who was leading the hearing questions the corporate leaders who invest their business in countries where citizens are facing atrocities. 

Jim Mcgovern, Democratic Congressmen suggested that the game should be postponed to give some time to the International Olympics Committee to relocate it to another country.  He added that if the committee can postpone the game due to a pandemic, it can surely postpone the game for a year or two for a genocide. Human Rights Commission co-chair Rep. Chris Smith commenced the hearing by requesting the IOC and other parties including the United States to either find a new host for the Olympics or boycott it. 

Last week, human rights groups from various countries like the United States, Britain and Germany accused China of human rights violations against Uygur’s minorities. But these accusations have not been taken into consideration by the United Nations.

China, however, has told the press that the accusations against them are all false and filled with disinformation. Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian said that China rejects any kind of insult from the US politicians as they are trying to sabotage the image of a nation by putting a hold on the preparation for the Olympics. These tactics used by the United States will be of no use and in turn, will lead to the downfall. 

In 2018, the United Nations had set up the panel in which it was found out that over 1 million Uygur and other Muslim minorities have been detained by the Chinese administration illegally. These detention camps were dubbed as the re-education centres in the  Xinjiang region over the past few years.  According to the BBC investigation conducted in 2019 found out that the children in this region are being forcefully separated from their parents. 

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