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Fall of Kabul: Afghanistan government surrenders, Taliban gains control

The Taliban take control of the presidential palace in Kabul after former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Mass exodus taking place in all provinces of Afghanistan.

The US Pentagon had predicted a Taliban takeover of Kabul in 30-90 days after the US withdrawal. But the Taliban has humiliated US by capturing Kabul within 5 days of that report and now making US beg for its staffs’ security.

With Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, more than a dozen Afghan pilots have fled the country on aircraft. The countries that border Afghanistan are grappling with the Taliban takeover and must decide how to deal with Afghans fleeing into their countries.

The President and VP have fled to Oman with cars and choppers full of cash, leaving behind the population of thier country to suffer and die under the Taliban rule.

Taliban fighters entered Afghanistan’s presidential palace hours after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday, a milestone in the insurgent group’s assumption of control over the capital city Kabul.

One unit shared pictures of the palace interior – intact, but empty and apparently abandoned by Afghan officials – on an official Telegram account.

Taliban representatives had been in talks with the government for hours over who would rule the nation, following the militant group’s strikingly rapid advance across the country, in which it seized power over dozens of key cities, often with little to no resistance.

One of the Taliban officials also said that they want an all-inclusive government in Afghanistan.

He further said that Taliban leader, as well as two of his deputies, are now in Afghanistan and that they will come to Kabul when the security situation improves.

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