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Apple is delving into the development of clamshell-style foldable iPhones and a folding iPad: Reports

While the rumours about foldable iPhones and iPads are rife, Apple has not made any official statement regarding the rumours

Apple, the famous tech company, might be working on something exciting: foldable iPhones and iPads! Rumors are flying about Apple’s next big thing, i.e. foldable iPhones. These phones could fold horizontally, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. But don’t get too excited just yet. It seems like these foldable iPhones are still in the early stages of development. They might not hit the shelves for a couple more years.

Challenges with Design

Apple’s engineers are facing some tough challenges. They want these foldable iPhones to be super sleek, just like the current iPhones. But making a phone that can fold without breaking is tricky. Plus, adding in all the necessary parts like batteries and displays makes it hard to keep the phone thin.

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What’s the Hold-Up?

So why aren’t we seeing these foldable iPhones yet? Well, it seems like Apple is taking its time to get things just right. They’re still figuring out how to make the displays work when the phone is folded shut. And they want to make sure the hinge—the part that lets the phone fold—works smoothly.

Testing the Waters

Apple isn’t diving in headfirst. They’re starting with just a few prototypes to see how things go. They’ve even talked to suppliers in Asia about getting the parts they need. But for now, mass production isn’t in the cards for 2024 or 2025.

A Foldable iPad Too?

It’s not just iPhones getting the foldable treatment. Apple might also be working on a foldable iPad. This tablet could have an 8-inch display, similar to the iPad Mini. But Apple’s engineers are still figuring out how to smooth out the crease that appears in the middle of the screen when it’s folded.

Competition in the Foldable Market

Apple isn’t the only player in town when it comes to foldable devices. Samsung has already released several foldable phones, and other companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi are getting in on the action too. So if Apple wants to compete, they’ll need to make sure their foldable iPhones and iPads are top-notch.

No Official Announcement Yet

Despite all the rumors, Apple hasn’t said anything official about foldable iPhones or iPads. So while it’s exciting to think about the possibilities, we’ll have to wait and see what Apple has up its sleeve.

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