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Rahul Gandhi poses 4 questions to PM Modi, says he should tell the Nation

The latest attack from Rahul Gandhi comes a day before PM Modi holds a meeting with chief ministers of states and UTs to review the Covid-19 situation across the country.
File photo of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi [IMAGE – PTI]

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi a flurry of questions in connection to the anticipated vaccine for the COVID-19, raising issues like funding, timing, and priority of candidates.

The former Congress President’s queries on Twitter came in the backdrop of a spike in fresh COVID-19 cases from several states like Delhi and Gujarat in the past few days and also the expected arrival of a vaccine in the market as announced by Oxford University as well as drug-makers like Pfizer and Moderna.

Gandhi went on to say that the prime minister must tell the nation when will all Indians be vaccinated. At the same time, he also asked what kind of procedure would be adopted to deploy the vaccine.

This comes after the Congress leader on Sunday,22 November criticised the government’s mishandling of the lockdown.

“ Modi Govt’s unplanned lockdown pushed millions into poverty, jeopardised the health of citizens and compromised the future of students due to digital divide,” Gandhi tweeted.

Not to forget, all of this comes only as an online attack as Rahul Gandhi still is on a vacation in Goa along with his mother as they were unable to tolerate the ‘pollution’ of Delhi.