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Landslide Victory of NDA in Bihar and by-polls across nation sends a strong message to the opposition which is busy blaming EVMs

The Brand Modi/Yogi's magic seems to have returned after the Lok Sabha election as the country again votes for the saffron party, giving them a headstart before the West bengal elections next year.
People don saffron attire at a BJP Rally. [IMAGE – PTI Photo]

Winning 125/243 seats in Bihar despite the anti-incumbency wave through the election, BJP+ has proven all exit-polls and prediction wrong. This has now forced the opposition to blame BJP for hacking the EVMs while the same opposition was a few days back suggesting Donald Trump to accept his defeat.

Despite the severe decrease in support for CM Nitish Kumar of JD(U), brand Modi and Yogi magic seemed to have flourished even though Amit Shah, Manoj Tiwari did not rally in Bihar due to health problems.

The Opposition’s MahaGatbandhan who was till yesterday claiming wins and distributing sweets in advanced, couldn’t cross the 110 mark as the ‘others’ bagged 8 seats. Not to forget Shiv Sena, whose MP Sanjay Raut was claiming loss of BJP in Bihar a few days back did not even received 0.006 times less votes than NOTA.

Apart from an outstanding performance in Bihar, BJP also bagged maximum seats in by-polls throughout the country. In Gujarat, BJP bagged 8/8 seats, 18/28 seats in Madhya Pradesh, 2/2 seats in Karnataka, 4/5 in Manipur, 1/1 in Telangana and 6/7 in Uttar Pradesh.

An unexpected rise in vote percentage for BJP even in the Muslim Majority areas is something for West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee as her state is a neighbour of Bihar and due to similar culture and ideology, the people of Bengal might give a similar mandate to BJP as they enter with greater confidence and enthusiasm.