Congress workers vandalize office of Storia food and beverage over advertisement mocking Gandhis

The workers of the Congress party created ruckus at the office of Storia Foods in Andheri West over the company’s recent advertisement that mocked the Gandhis

The workers of the Congress party wreak havoc at the office of the Storia food. the windows of the office can be seen completely shattered apart from the tables and chairs which have been left disorganised. The workers can also be seen raising the Congress party flag and clicking themselves inside the office, gloating over the vandalism. 

Outside of the office, the Congress workers continued to raise slogans with the Mumbai police stationed there to prevent any further damage. The workers were seen sloganeering ‘Mumbai Congress Zindabad’, ‘Sonia Gandhi Zindabad’ and ‘Rahul Gandhi Zindabad’. As per sources, the police has arrested those responsible for the ruckus.

The whole issue erupted due to the new advertisement released by the company which mocked Rahul Gandhi for his doltishness by mocking his previous idiotic speeches. The Mumbai Congress alleged that the advertisement attempted to mock Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi, asserting that such ads would not be tolerated.

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