Did you know the entire Farmer Protests are based on assumptions just like CAA and nobody has suffered due to it?

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Farmers in Punjab rally as they march towards Delhi for Protests [IMAGE – Reuters]

Just like the opposition had stated CAA was anti-Muslim, something that did not affect even a single Indian national, now they started raising a point that the farm laws are ‘anti-Farmers’.

The farmer protests are based on assumptions and superstition on something that ‘MIGHT HAPPEN’ although no farmers have neither suffered due to the laws nor do they have an idea of how these laws will increase their income exponentially.

Not to forget this same opposition wanted to implement the same (according to Congress and AAP’s 2017 Punjab manifesto) but they are agitated because BJP did it first and do not want them to win praises.

It is easy to manipulate and inflame people against the government by spreading false narratives and not showing the real factual information but it is difficult to reach out to the people individually and help them change their lives.

BJP has been unsuccessful in making Punjab farmers understand that these laws are beneficial for them because the farmer unions and their heads in Punjab are affiliated to opposition political parties and can not show support to any law by the central government.

This is not even astray the poor uneducated farmers from the truth but also drives them to a wrong path and puts them into a situation where they are never able to trust the government even if it is in their favor.

And not even that, if you closely notice the unions that are protesting in Delhi are only from opposition ruled districts be it Punjab or Haryana or Uttar Pradesh. Are other 94% farmers not farmers?

If the present scenario continues and the politicians continue to malign religion into the protests, they will further conspire this protest into riots as well just like after Shaheen Bagh protests.

If we fail to acknowledge the political vendetta in these protests, we must also stop supporting or opposing the Farmer protests as well because our political bias is blinding our brain to think correctly just because the laws are passed by a political party that we do not support.

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