Campus walls defaced with anti-Brahmin slogans in JNU, all you need to know:

“Brahmins Leave The Campus", "There Will Be Blood", "Brahmin Bharat Chhodo" and "Brahmino-Baniyas, we are coming for you! We will avenge” were some of the slogans defaced on the walls.

A number of buildings on the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) were defaced with anti-Brahmin and genocidal slogans, photos of which have gone viral ever since. 

According to the university students, the walls in the School of International Studies- II building were vandalised with slogans against Brahmin and Baniya communities. “Brahmins Leave The Campus”, “There Will Be Blood”, “Brahmin Bharat Chhodo” and “Brahmino-Baniyas, we are coming for you! We will avenge” were some of the slogans defaced on the walls. 

The institution has expressed disdain regarding the incident, issuing a statement that said, “The Vice Chancellor, Prof Santishree D Pandit has taken a serious note of the incident of defacement of walls and faculty rooms by some unknown elements in SIS, JNU. The administration condemns these exclusivist tendencies on campus.”

“The Dean, School of International Studies and Grievances Committee have been asked to inquire and submit a report to the VC at the earliest. JNU stands for inclusion and equality. The VC reiterates zero tolerance for any kind of violence on campus,” it added.

Along with the RSS-affiliated Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad, a JNU teachers’ body held the “left-liberal gang” responsible for the shameful of vandalism. The Teachers’ Forum said, “While the Left-Liberal gang intimidate every dissenting voice, they appeal to elect EC representatives that ‘can assert the values of mutual respect and civility, & equal & just treatment of all.’ ‘civility’ & ‘mutual respect.’ Highly deplorable act of vandalism!”

Condemning the shameful incident, ABVP JNU President Rohit Kumar said, “ABVP condemns the rampant vandalisation of academic spaces by communist goons. The communists have written abuses on the walls of JNU in the School of International Studies- II building. They have defaced chambers of free-thinking professors to intimidate them.” 

“We believe that academic spaces must be used for debates and discussion and not for poisoning the society and students’ community,” Kumar further added.

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