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15 Bilateral Meetings Planned by PM on G20 Sidelines, with Biden, Sunak, and Macron Among Attendees

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a packed agenda, with more than 15 bilateral meetings scheduled with global leaders during the G20 Summit in New Delhi, taking place from September 9 to 10.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is gearing up for a packed schedule during the upcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi from September 9 to 10. He is set to engage in more than 15 bilateral meetings with leaders from around the world. This is a significant diplomatic effort, showcasing India’s commitment to global cooperation and diplomacy.

Bilateral Meetings with Key Countries

The Prime Minister’s bilateral meetings are strategically planned over the course of the summit. On September 8, PM Modi will hold meetings with leaders of Mauritius, Bangladesh, and the USA. These discussions are crucial for fostering stronger ties and addressing important issues with these nations.

On September 9, the Prime Minister will engage in bilateral talks with leaders of the UK, Japan, Germany, and Italy. These countries are major players on the global stage, and these meetings present opportunities to discuss various topics of mutual interest, such as trade, security, and climate change.

Additional Bilateral Meetings and G20 Summit Details

On September 10, PM Modi’s schedule includes a lunch meeting with French President Macron, highlighting the significance of India-France relations. Additionally, he will have a pull-aside meeting with Canadian President Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister will also hold bilateral meetings with the leaders of Comoros, Turkey, UAE, South Korea, EU/EC, Brazil, and Nigeria. These meetings serve as platforms to explore cooperation and strengthen diplomatic ties.

The G20 Leaders’ Summit is set to host over 30 heads of state and top officials from the European Union and invited guest countries, along with 14 heads of international organizations. This gathering provides a unique opportunity for leaders to engage in meaningful discussions on global issues, economic cooperation, and sustainable development.

Security Preparations for the G20 Summit

As New Delhi prepares for the G20 Summit, extensive security measures are being put in place to ensure the safety and smooth conduct of the event. Security forces, including police and paramilitary units, are maintaining a vigilant presence across the national capital.

To bolster security, markswomen and armed forces have been deployed at strategic locations. Enhanced patrolling and intensive border area checks are also part of the security measures. The Delhi Police is working closely with over 50,000 security personnel, K9 dog squads, and mounted police to fortify the security arrangements.

The safety of foreign delegates is a top priority, with foolproof security arrangements in place for their travel from the airport to hotels and the G20 summit venues. Notably, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and specialized central agencies like the National Security Guard (NSG) are collaborating with the Delhi Police to strengthen security further.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s extensive schedule of bilateral meetings during the G20 Summit highlights India’s commitment to diplomacy and global cooperation. These meetings offer opportunities to strengthen ties with key nations and discuss critical global issues. Simultaneously, the robust security preparations underscore India’s dedication to ensuring a secure environment for this important international event.

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