Bombay Court temporarily bans game called ‘Selmon Bhoi’ because it was tarnishing the image of Salman Khan

The game on Google App store is based on his criminal cases including hit and run case as well as Black Buck case.

The Bombay Civil Court has temporarily banned the mobile game ‘Selmon Bhoi’. The game, which went viral recently, is reportedly said to be based on Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s famous cases like hit and run and blackbuck poaching. The actor had approached the court against this and said that his fans call him ‘Salman Bhai’ so the name of this game is similar to it and what is shown in it damages his reputation.

The Court noted that the make of the game, the images and the mechanical features have been given “impressionistic resemblance” to Salman Khan. On this note, it observed,

“When the plaintiff has not given any consent for installing, preparing and running such game which is very similar to his identity and the case which was against him, certainly his right to privacy is being deprived and is also tarnishing his image.”

The judge, KM Jaiswal, has granted a temporary injunction in the matter, restraining Parody Studios Pvt. Ltd from disseminating, launching, re-launching and recreating the game or any other content relating to the actor. The injunction also restrains the defendants from making any derogatory remarks against Salman Khan, by exploiting and making available the game or in any manner whatsoever which tends to injure him or his family members in any manner.

Further, they have been directed to immediately take-down/ block/ disable access to the game from Google Play Store and all other platforms.

There are reportedly three stages in this game. At the very beginning of the game, the player ‘Selman Bhoi’ is shown having a drink and driving in the middle of the night.

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