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Gurugram customer takes legal action against Zomato for rapid delivery of ‘Fresh’ food from Lucknow restaurant

The court has issued a summons to Zomato, signaling a formal investigation into the matter and raising questions about the transparency and accountability

Zomato’s ‘Legends’ policy is a groundbreaking initiative launched in 2022, allowing users to order iconic dishes from renowned restaurants located far away. This policy promised to deliver these legendary meals within 24 hours, leveraging Zomato’s extensive network of restaurant and delivery partners.

The essence of this policy lies in Zomato’s commitment to bring culinary delights from across India directly to your doorstep. By harnessing their vast network, sophisticated food technology, and understanding of customer preferences, Zomato aimed to fulfill the cravings of food enthusiasts.


The core promise of the ‘Legends’ policy revolves around delivering freshly prepared dishes, free from preservatives, and transported using advanced mobile refrigeration technology. These claims, prominently displayed on Zomato’s food packaging, were meant to assure customers of the quality and authenticity of their orders.

However, recent events have cast doubt on the integrity of Zomato’s ‘Legends’ policy. A customer, Sourav Mall, shared his shocking experience of receiving a ‘fresh and hot’ meal within 30 minutes, ordered from a city located 500km away. This incident raised suspicions about the authenticity of Zomato’s delivery process and the legitimacy of their claims.

Mall’s advocates have alleged that Zomato may not be transporting the food from the specified cities as advertised. Instead, they suspect that the meals could be stored at various warehouses or locations of Zomato, raising concerns about the accuracy of the company’s promises.

Sourav Mall’s case has prompted legal action, with him approaching a local court in Delhi to demand a ban on Zomato’s ‘Legends’ policy. The court has issued a summons to Zomato, signaling a formal investigation into the matter and raising questions about the transparency and accountability of the company.


In addition to Mall’s experience, three other orders placed by him from restaurants in Delhi, located at least 30km away, were also delivered within 30 minutes. This further adds to the skepticism surrounding Zomato’s delivery capabilities and the validity of their claims under the ‘Legends’ policy.

Zomato’s response to these allegations remains crucial. The company needs to address the concerns raised by customers like Sourav Mall and provide clarity on how they fulfill orders under the ‘Legends’ policy. Transparency and accountability are essential to maintain trust and credibility in the food delivery industry.

Moving forward, Zomato must ensure that their marketing claims align with the actual delivery process. Any discrepancies or misleading information could erode customer trust and tarnish the reputation of the company. Upholding high standards of service and integrity is paramount to sustain long-term success in the competitive food delivery market.

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