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UK faces a 26°C heatwave warning, Indians mock the warning calling it ‘pleasant weather’

According to weather forecaster James Madden, a "major heatwave or super heatwave" is predicted to reach the UK around mid-summer, according to Yahoo News

The Mirror, a British tabloid reported that the United Kingdom (UK) will be hit by a 48-hour heatwave of 26° Celsius leaving Indians, suffering from a severe heatwave of above 40°C, amazed, prompting a wave of humorous responses from netizens, even calling it ‘pleasant weather’.

According to weather forecaster James Madden, a “major heatwave or super heatwave” is predicted to reach the UK around mid-summer, according to Yahoo News. Many social media users questioned how the British were able to control India for years in such terrible weather, especially as the UK was put on notice due to temperatures of thirty degrees Celsius.

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IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan made a hilarious remark, “That’s only two degrees higher than the standard air conditioning setting in India.” It looks like nice weather. Many people on social media sites have questioned how the English managed to stay here and dominate us for 200 years. The British rule in India had come up with a solution for the harsh summers here: shipping ice and moving to the hilly areas of India.

The Modern Day Perception of Pleasant Weather

The British colonized the world. They saw the weaknesses in a system of government and took advantage of them to seize power. They were not very troubled, except for the weather in countries like India. Even today, the British are troubled by even a little heat. Even yet, sailing over frozen water was a major global industry. To avoid the summer heat in other parts of India, the British commanders also relocated to the hill stations.

The British also headed for the hill regions to avoid India’s hot summers. Located in Kumaon and built on level terrain created by a landslip in 1885, Nainital is a well-known British hill station that quickly gained popularity with officials looking to escape the scorching plains of India. The focal point of Nainital is Naini Lake, which was seen in 1841 by a British sugar trader by the name of P Barron. Here he constructed a home.

“The American mind cannot comprehend a UK heatwave. I felt 43-degree heat in India and it was more manageable than London’s peak summer. Even the Aussies complain about it so you know its not a joke,” a user wrote on X.

Another user added, “Mumbaikars call it winter.”

“Delhiites survive in its double in summer and 26 in winter, weak people,” another remarked.

“This is AC temperature in India,” quipped another user on X. “26°C is a heatwave in the UK? How did they ever survive ruling India with our 40°C summers? Perhaps they had an army of fans and ice buckets we didn’t know about, or maybe they just mistook the heat for a ‘warm British day,” wrote a social media user on X.

However, some users pointed out the differences in living conditions. One noted, “Our homes in the UK are insulated, and there are no ceiling fans or AC. If it goes beyond 25 degrees, sleeping at night is almost impossible.” Another explained, “26 degrees in the UK feels more like 40-42 degrees. It’s not comparable to Mumbai’s weather.”

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