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USA needs to learn from India on how to conduct elections in a democracy, without ‘fraud’

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An artist paints an image of Joe Biden next to a painting of US President Donald Trump in Mumbai, India. [Image – AFP]

Allegations to lawsuits and riots when you are not satisfied with the results, US elections have turned democracy into a warzone and they somehow need to learn from India of how despite being the largest democracy in the world, we never saw such a ruckus.

Blaming opposition of cheating is habitual for political parties but to actually make the federal services stop the counting of votes just because they are not in your favor is something that should never happen.


There have been certain speculations about fraud and election scam in the US elections following the 3rd November which made US President Donald Trump file lawsuits in the Supreme Court for states like Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. And although not yet proven, hundreds of proofs have also been attached for the authorities to review and might lead to recounting.

There are huge chances that the actual result of the US elections might come in post-state elections in Bihar which apparently would still be a peaceful and a not so corrupt election affair.

Having approximately 1 billion registered voters in the country which is 5 times to that in the US, the Indian population as well as political parties have never disagreed on the outcome of elections, and not even a single lawsuit has been filed against election fraud during/after the counting.

No wonder why India has always refused to adopt the ballot system of voting as apart from being a highly time-consuming activity, it also takes a large number of volunteers which may or may not stay true to the system despite being under oath. Yet, Indian election results are declared within hours on the counting day without the need of continuing the process for days and yet staying undeclared.


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