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Russia-Ukraine to restore world order, sign grain export deal

The signing was formalized by the UN’s Secretary General and Turkey’s President in Istanbul.

In a landmark agreement, the two nations of Russia and Ukraine who have been locking horns for the past five months have decided to let the export of grains restart after a meeting backed by the United Nations took place in Istanbul.

The deal will allow the export of the grains from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports and would help in easing the global food crisis. The current crisis has resulted in global food inflation and a famine-like situation in some lower-income countries. Approximately $10 billion worth of grain will be up for export immediately with around 20 million tons of last year’s harvest.

Along with the export of grains, the signing of this deal will also reopen the movement of other essential amenities like sunflower oil and fertilizers which will ultimately help in restoring food security worldwide. Antonio Guterres, U.N. Secretary-General termed it “a beacon of hope” for millions of hungry people who have faced huge increases in the price of food.

As per Robert Mardini, the Director-General of Red Cross, “This deal is nothing short of lifesaving for people across the world who are struggling to feed their families,” as the hardest hit are those countries that already had dwindling economies further adding to their woes. As to note in the past few months food prices in Sudan have swelled by 187 percent and in Syria by 86 percent.

On one hand, where UN chief and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan were trying to bring a truce between the two countries, the protector of the modern world USA was announcing new support of around $270 million to Ukraine including $100 million for drones while side by side doing preliminary work on whether to send fighter aircrafts to Kyiv in the near future as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that even though the grain export deal is taking place there could be no ceasefire without retaking the lost lands.

Although the officials from Russia and Ukraine signed the deal separately as they very particularly sat at different tables and even refrained from shaking hands at the event, the restart of these talks surely paves a way for restoring the world order.

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