Pro-Khalistani elements in Canada attack Indian origin people at Tiranga Rally organized to support the Indo-Canadian relations

The Indian flag being disrespected and the participants of the rally being attacked.

On February 28th members of the Indian Diaspora living in Canada under the banner of REACH India (stands for Race, Ethnicity And Culture Heritage Group ), a global platform for Indians to unite to stand in harmony to defend Indian interest organized a “Maple-Tiranga rally “ to celebrate the occasion of India supplying Chinese coronavirus vaccine to Canada which strengthened the already warm bilateral relations which the countries share.

The group said, “The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken millions of lives around the globe. In times of such crisis, Prime Minister Trudeau and PM Modi have come together to save millions of lives by approving and supplying millions of vaccines.”

They further thanked India for practicing the ancient Vedic value of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. It added, “Supplying vaccines to Canada reaffirms this value and the friendship shared by the two great democracies. We also recognize India’s efforts to meeting a global demand by sharing its vaccine supply with over 40 countries from around the world.” They also thanked Canadian PM Trudeau for deciding to procure vaccines from India at the earliest possible time.

Late last month after a telephonic conversation between the two countries respective Prime Minister’s an agreement was reached upon in which India’s Pune-based company SII would supply about 20 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Canada. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had recently thanked the Indian government and the Adar Poonawalla’s Serum Institute of India for agreeing to supply doses of the AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine to Canada.

Attack by Pakistani ISI-backed Pro-Khalistani elements.

The Pro-Khalistani elements living and flourishing in Canada with the backing of the Pakistani ISI have always been a thaw and major roadblock in the Indo-Canadian relations. The Canadian government has paid little or no heed to India’s concerns for their own domestic vote bank politics has aggravated the situation even further.

The rally that was organized on Sunday was attacked by the same Pakistan-backed Khalistani elements, participants were abused and assaulted, the national flag of India was disrespected and the traffic movement of the rally got blocked by semi-trucks.

In a video, shared by the group which organized the rally it is seen that a yellow-coloured semi-truck with a distorted Sikh religious symbol made up of AK-47s tried to disrupt the flow of traffic of the rally. In the same video, it is seen that a black coloured semi-truck tries to ram itself into one of the participant’s car, when the driver of the car fails in his motive he gets out and pulls out the Indian flag from the car which he was trying to ram into, throws the flag onto the ground in a disrespectful manner and starts kicking it.

In another video shared by the group, it is seen that two men are abusing and bullying a participant using religious barbs and when the man resists he is pushed onto the ground. Also, effigies of PM Modi were burned with anti-India placards and chants.

This is not the first time that Pakistan-backed Pro Khalistani elements have resorted to such kind of violence. To disrupt the communal harmony, brotherhood and peace between the two Dharmic religions/ eastern religions of India that is Sikhism and Hinduism the newly implemented farm laws are being used as a tool for propaganda. Under the guise of protest against the farm laws foreign based Khalistani elements are trying to radicalize Sikh youth against the Indian state.

When a similar Pro-India/Pro- farm laws rally was organised on Republic day last month the organizers had received death and rape threats from unknown numbers. Pakistan is trying to create a wedge between Sikhs and Hindus by backing these elements with financial assistance.

Meanwhile the Indian Foreign Ministry on the request of the diaspora has requested the Canadian government to safeguard and protect diaspora Indians from such kinds of abusive threats and violence.

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