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Kerala Nurse killed by Palestinian Rocket in Israel after Gaza launched attack, Indian government condemns

The woman was identified as Soumya, 31, a native of Kanjikuzhy panchayat in Kerala’s Idukki district. She is survived by her 9 year old son and husband.

Acts of Israel and Palestine are both wrong but when we start condemning one and shielding the other, that is when the problems start. Innocents are dying on both sides yet people and media are only showing one side.

Soumya Santhosh, 20, a woman from Idukki district of Kerala, who was working as a caretaker in Israel died in a mortar shell attack by Hamas on Tuesday. She is a native of Kanjiramthanam near Adimali was working as a caretaker at a house at Ashkelon in Israel — that borders the Gaza strip.

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Soumya’s sister in law Sherly Benny, who also works in Israel confirmed the news. “The incident occurred at around 3 pm local time. After hearing about it, I rushed to the house where Soumya worked. The mortar shell landed on the house and the entire building was completely destroyed. Both Soumya and the elderly woman whom she was attending died in the attack, ” she said.

“My brother heard a huge sound during the video call. Suddenly the phone got disconnected. Then we immediately contacted fellow Malayalees working there. Thus we came to know about the incident,” Santhosh’s brother Saji told PTI.

Soumya had been working as a caregiver at Ashkelon for the last ten years. Soumya last visited India in 2017. Soumya’s husband and son are at home. The Malayali community in the region is deeply concerned about Palestinians attacking Israel.

Newly-elected MLA and Nationalist Congress Kerala leader of Idukki Mani C Kappan condemned the incident.
Hundreds of rockets have been fired at Israel from Monday evening through Tuesday afternoon, most of which were intercepted by Iron Dome missile defence batteries.

Her death should be an eye-opener for Indians who have blindfolds on and think that only Israel is oppressing Palestinians while ignoring the hundreds of rockets being fired at Israel by Gaza.

However, we all know a certain section will neither raise awareness about Soumya Santhosh, but justify her killing and suppress the news of her murder. This is the India we live in, unfortunately.

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