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Italian PM Giorgia Meloni wins European parliament elections, emerges as kingmaker

Meloni shared an image of herself making a V-sign for victory along with a note on social media that said, "Thank you!"

With a decisive 28% of the vote, Italian Prime Minister and far-right Brothers of Italy party leader Giorgia Meloni won the elections for the European Parliament.

This historic victory grants her the title of “kingmaker” and strengthens her position as a major player in European politics in addition to enhancing her domestic leadership.

Based on over 70% of the total votes cast, the election results validate Brothers of Italy’s standing as the most popular party in Italy, outperforming its results from the general elections in 2022. With just 8.5% of the vote, Matteo Salvini’s hard-right League suffered a severe defeat. This win comes at the price of Meloni’s ruling allies in Rome.

The populist Five Star Movement only received 10.5% of the vote, a seven-point fall from the 2019 election. The opposition’s main center-left Democratic Party received 24.5% of the vote. Once the League’s junior ally, Forza Italia overtook its previous partner with more than 9% of the votes.

Meloni has gained a lot of support after almost two years in power, thanks to her election victory in the Italian representative election for the European Parliament.

Her ability to relate to voters on subjects like immigration and economic concerns is what is responsible for her party’s impressive success. Meloni shared an image of herself making a V-sign for victory along with a note on social media that said, “Thank you!”. She was excited and appreciative of the voters for doing this.

The election’s result will have a big impact on European politics. Meloni is not only influential in Italy but also has the potential to have a significant impact on how the European Union develops in the future. She now has a prominent role in the European Parliament, where she may influence the policies and choices made by the EU, thanks to her party’s impressive performance.

Other European leaders have also taken notice of Meloni’s victory. Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, has been actively courting Meloni in an attempt to win her support for a second term in office. Furthermore, discussions have taken place between Meloni and French far-right leader Marine Le Pen in an attempt to bring the far-right parties of the EU together under her direction.

The results of the election have also sparked worries about the far-right parties’ expanding power throughout the EU. Other far-right parties like the League and Forza Italia have suffered severe losses while Meloni’s party has emerged victorious. The election’s result emphasizes the continued differences within the EU and the difficulties in assembling a strong and stable ruling coalition.

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