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Chinese Influencer Earns ₹120 Crore Weekly with 3-Second Product Reviews

Zheng Xiang Xiang uses her channel for product promotion and has earned a mammoth fortune through it

Nowadays, social media and money go hand in hand. Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have profoundly influenced our society. A new breed of content creators has emerged, posting daily videos online to gain followers, likes, and ultimately, earn money. Those who become insanely famous often go on to earn millions.

Zheng Xiang Xiang is one of those insanely famous influencer. She uses her channel for product promotion and has earned a mammoth fortune through it. She’s like a superstar on social media, especially on Douyin (which is like China’s version of TikTok).

What makes her stand out? Well, while most influencers talk a lot about the stuff they’re promoting, Zheng does the opposite. She keeps it short and sweet – just three seconds per product. 

In her live streams, Zheng’s assistant gives her orange boxes with different items inside, one after the other. Zheng quickly shows each product to the camera, says its price, and moves on. This whole process takes just three seconds for each product.

Zheng’s knack for grabbing viewers’ attention in such a short time has helped her earn an astounding $14 million (nearly ₹ 120 crore) every week. Her fast-paced approach challenges the usual rules of influencer marketing and shows how online shopping is changing over time.

Her way of doing things is shaking up how online sales work. Even though she only shows things for a few seconds, people still buy them like crazy. It shows that you don’t need to talk for ages to get people interested.

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