China has started facing global isolation indicating towards Cold War II but this time, it’s the world vs China

china vs world2

The expansionist agenda of the world’s second-largest economy is no secret, especially to it’s immediate neighbours. When the world is fighting the China infused Covid-19 pandemic, the same country is using it’s military and economy to bully nations all over the world.

Understanding this, nations are now grouping to give China a lesson of it’s own medicine, by isolating it and hurting where it hurts the most.

A look at how it’s China v/s the Rest of the World:

India v/s China:

Following the LAC clashes, India has banned around a 100 Chinese apps with more than 200 to more under the scanner. There have been a spur of contract cancellations given to Chinese firms. A strong anti-China sentiment can be seen with a series of regulations and military aggression at the border as well as the oceans through which China’s trade lines pass.

USA v/s China:

The most powerful economy has placed several trade and economic sanctions against Chinese companies. This was followed by diplomatic actions ranging from closing of Chinese consulate and a series of anti-China resolutions in the parliament. The heightened US naval presence in the South China Sea has rattled China.

Russia v/s China:

Seen as friends, Russia has been given signals to China to mend it’s ways. After accusing China of spying, Russia has now cancelled the delivery of S-400 defence system to China. There has also been a border conflict with China claiming some part of Russia as its own.

Australia v/s China:

Australia has been vocal against Chinese threat which can be seen by the trade sanctions and the naval aggression in the Indo-Pacific region which recently saw a face-off between both the navies.

United Kingdom v/s China:

The trade and economic sanctions which started with the Huawei scenario, has now taken an ugly turn with the UK standing up against China over the controversial Hong Kong National Security law.

European Union v/s China:

A string of trade sanctions and economic actions have been placed against China, some of which are being fought out in the International Court of Justice. The EU, lead by France and Germany, have now raised the issue of Uighur Muslims on the Global level.

Japan v/s China:

Japan has stood firmly behind India and hit out at China very firmly giving threats of military actions if China doesn’t mend its ways. Japan has also incentivised its companies to move their base out of China.

Canada v/s China:

Canada PM has been vocal against China which saw certain actions on the econoMic front. Canada has also arrested a senior Chinese official on charges of espionage since a month.

China v/s Southeast Asian nations:

China has been at loggerheads with nations like Taiwan, South-Korea, Indonesia and Philippines among others due to frequent maritime disputes owing to Chinese Navy aggression. Taiwan has been posturing aggressively this while other nations have also began to take cue.

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