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As India starts evacuating its citizens from Afghanistan; New York Times seeks help.

New York Times which not only is racist towards India but also supports terrorism in Kashmir has reportedly asked the help of the Indian Government in evacuating its employees.

Afghanistan crisis is deepening as the US troops leave after a 2-decade long unsuccessful war, Taliban is quickly gaining land from the Afghan forces to establish a caliphate. Atheists, Hindus, Sikhs, Agnostics, Christians, the LGBT community, and other such minorities are facing persecution.

India under the able leadership of its strongman PM Narendra Modi has already been preparing for all such contingencies, with plans and heavy lift aircrafts ready for a quick evacuation of its citizens.


India has also received requests from several international organizations, among them media outlets and rights organizations, seeking help for the possible evacuation of their personnel from Afghanistan. One such request has come from New York Times, which ironically supports terrorism in Kashmir and has had racist behaviour towards India.

In the past, NYT had whitewashed the image of Burhan Wani; a dreaded Islamic terrorist commander from the Hizbul Mujahideen as a mere militant separatist who was the son of a school headmaster.

NYT while subtly supporting Islamic terrorism had described Pulwama terror attack as a mere explosion. Riyaz Naikoo, another Hizbul commander’s image was too whitewashed by NYT when he was gunned down by the Indian army last year.

nytimes deleted tweet
NYT describing Pulwama terror attack as a mere explosion.

NYT had also published a racist cartoon when India’s Mangalyaan mission was successful which it later had retracted and apologized. Apart from being Racist and an enabler of terrorism NYT has also been Hindu-Phobic in the past with for example articles that described the simple and humble sarees as sign of Hindu nationalism and the abrogation of article 370 as the first step towards Hindu Rashtra.

New York Times taliban
NYT Legitimizing Taliban by giving them space to air their medieval views.

Ironically last year the NYT had given legitimacy to the Taliban by giving an opportunity to the deputy leader-Sirajuddin Haqqani to defend his organization in an opinion piece. Hope the NYT realizes that terrorism has no good but only bad prospects to it and ends this softcore legitimacy giving approach.

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