Ukrainian negotiator shot hours before the latest round of peace talks amid claims of spying, hailed as a “hero” by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence 

Both Russian and Ukrainian sources claim about his alleged spying activities including that he may be a ‘double agent’ working for Russia, while deflecting blame of killing the peace negotiator.

Denis Kireev, a member of the Ukrainian negotiations team was executed for by Ukraine’s own security service for suspected treason. Denis was killed during an operation “defending the nation” by the Ukrainian intelligence agency for working with Russia. 

Russian newspaper Pravda reported that Ukraine’s security service had ‘clear evidence’ against Denis, including a few telephonic conversations. A source even claimed to have said: “He was an agent. You yourself know why agents are killed.”

While Russian claims that Denis was killed by the Security Service of Ukraine during an arrest attempt, senior Ukrainian politicians claim that he died in detention. The claims and counterclaims comes as one Ukrainian media specialist said “disinformation is one of the strongest weapons in the war.” 

“During the execution of special tasks, three spies were killed – employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” said an official statement by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence. 

“The fate of Alexei Ivanovich, Chibineev Valery Viktorovich, Denis Borisovich Kireev. They perished defending Ukraine, and their rank brought us closer to victory! We express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims.Heroes do not die! They live as long as we remember them! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!” said the Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence. 

Photographs were posted online yesterday allegedly showed Denis’s body in a pool of blood before rumours that he was spying for Russia began circulating.

In Belarus, Kireev was pictured sitting on the Ukrainian side of the negotiating table during last week’s peace talks on February 28 despite not being on the official delegation list and his exact role in the summit was unclear. 

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