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WhatsApp unveils AR features for enhanced video and audio calls

These improvements are meant to improve the user experience and give calls a more enjoyable and engaging element

With the introduction of (Augmented Reality) AR features, the well-known instant messaging service WhatsApp is poised to transform its audio and video calling capabilities. These improvements are meant to improve the user experience and give calls a more enjoyable and engaging element.

During video calls, WhatsApp will now have dynamic facial filters. Callers can add effects to their calls to make them more unique, such as low-light modes that improve visibility in low light and touch-up tools that give the appearance of smoother skin. These augmented reality effects promise to improve the visual experience and increase call engagement.

AR Features: Introducing Avatars for Calls

A feature that lets users change their call backdrops is being developed by WhatsApp. During group conferences, when users may want to alter their environment or block off distractions, this feature will be especially helpful. In the future, desktop apps will also support the background editing feature, which will be useful for professional settings or in-depth background edits during calls.

Avatars will soon be a viable substitute for the real-time video feed for users. This innovative feature lets users express themselves creatively or privately while on calls while also adding an amusing touch. The Meta-owned WhatsApp keeps coming up with new ideas to improve and expand communication. The call effects and filter augmented reality capabilities on WhatsApp are still in development, and a specific release date has not yet been disclosed.

AR Features
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During video calls, some visual effects like face filters may marginally increase data usage. However, unless you use them excessively, the effect ought to be negligible. During calls, WhatsApp usually optimizes data transmission, so any extra data usage should be reasonable. It’s possible that using avatars rather than live video will use less data. Compared to live video feeds, avatars consume less data because they are static images.

WhatsApp is currently developing several innovative features to improve user experience. Here are a few noteworthy ones.

Users will soon be able to exchange QR codes to add contacts instead of phone numbers. The individual can be immediately added to your address book by scanning their QR code. This feature improves privacy and makes contact sharing easier. Soon, group calls will be able to accommodate more people, which will facilitate communication with bigger gatherings of coworkers, friends, and family.

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