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Prominent Youtubers affected by hackers as Youtube and Gmail accounts hacked

Youtube accounts were re-named, profile pictures changed and all videos were deleted by the hackers

In a surprising incident, the Youtube and Gmail accounts of multiple prominent YouTubers namely Tanmay Bhat, Aishwarya Mohanraj, Barkha Dutt’s Mojo Story, and Abdu Rozik were hacked on Monday.

Their channels were renamed, profile photos were changed and all of their content was deleted. This was said to be some sort of Tesla scam as hackers had changed the names and profile photos to something related to Tesla or Elon Musk.

A live stream was started from Tanmay Bhat’s channel which was renamed to ‘Tesla Corp’ which showed Elon Musk talking about cryptocurrency. The live stream even displayed QR codes which nudged the users to scan the QR’s to ‘change their life’. He had also claimed that hackers bypassed the 2-factor authorization.

Barkha Dutt’s Mojo Story too was hacked and all of her 11,000 videos were deleted from the platform. She had shared a tweet

“After hours of urging @TeamYouTube to act & being assured action is being taken, I woke up to find @themojostory channel content ALL DELETED by the hackers- four years of blood, toil, sweat, tears, 11 thousand videos, COVID work of 3 years, ALL GONE. I am heartbroken @nealmohan

Dutt also said that her team repeatedly urged YouTube to freeze her channel but nothing was done to that extent.

All the accounts which were hacked are now restored and even the videos are restored.

Recently a lot of accounts across social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube are being hacked by scamsters who hack accounts and then share posts promoting crypto. They share links after clicking on them even your account will get hacked.

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