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PM Modi announces 6G services will begin by 2030

The announcement came weeks ahead of the launch of 5G facility.

While India is still gearing up to welcome 5G network services by October, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone a step further even before the initiation of 5G services in the country and announced the plans for launching 6G.

PM Modi said, “Today, optical fibres are being laid in villages on a war-footing. You know that 5G services will be launched in India and thereafter by 2030, we are preparing to launch 6G services.” He added, “The way the government is investing, all of the youth should take advantage as the government is encouraging Indian solutions in gaming and entertainment.”


The big announcement came during the grand finale of Smart India Hackathon 2022 event, in which the PM told the plans of 6G are very much in pipeline and if all goes well the country will have the facility by the end of this decade. He also emphasized and said, “India is progressing rapidly through one revolution after another in the last 7-8 years. Today, digital and talent revolutions are taking place here. Aspirations and challenges will bring forth many opportunities for the young innovators in the country.”

Even till date lot of areas in the country lack basic 3G services and 5G itself being in a nascent stage which is supposed to commence by October this year in India, launch of 6G services which only exists in theory as of now is a completely distant dream. Never the less, if this dream does become reality someday it would be capable to deliver record-breaking speeds and microsecond latency.

According to a website dealing with the speeds of various internet spectrums, on an average, 4G is capable of approximately 33.88 Mbps speed, 5G can reach 40–1,100 Mbps and 6G will be able to reach up to a speed of 1 Tbps (1,000,000 Mbps).


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