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Next level of gaming experience: Sony files patent for its ‘temperature-changing’ controllers

Sensors will have elastic membranes alongwith haptic vibrations and will change according to gameplay.

Sony, one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, has yet again come up with another innovative product that will take gaming to a whole new level. The new Sony Temperature Changing Controller patent discusses how the haptic feedback feature and the ability to emulate controller temperature will enhance the gaming experience.

Their latest wireless controller, paired with the PlayStation 5, provides players with levels of immersion that they never imagined before. This comes thanks to the new vibration, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and other enhancements that were made to the controller.

PlayStation upped its game by introducing the DualSense Edge, which is a professional console gaming controller that has been designed to give you the much required “edge” over the competition. Interested readers can check out our DualSense Edge review here.

According to the new patent filing, this material is elastic and deformable, like a “silicone-based macromolecular gel” or other types of elastic substances. Additionally, this material would be able to receive electrical signals via a connected circuit that processes information. Sony states that using this invention would provide a “controller capable of enriching haptic experiences.”

Sony briefly discusses the usage of AI technology to automatically identify the degree of controller deformation. This will help create natural haptic feedback in the controller, depending on the pressure applied by the user.

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