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Bengaluru-based AI start-up Minus Zero unveils India’s first autonomous vehicle

Founded in 2021, the startup even plans on global launch and trials in next 2 years.

Bengaluru-based startup Minus Zero unveiled India’s first autonomous vehicle a.k.a zPod on Sunday that can drive in all environmental and geographical constraints. The vehicle has the capacity to operate without human intervention in all driving conditions and environments at Level 5 autonomy capabilities.

Currently, the vehicle is only limited to transportation of people within specific places like a university campus, corporate park, or any institution with a defined area.


The vehicle has strategically positioned high-resolution cameras that capture real-time images of the vehicle’s surroundings and transmit them to the AI system to make informed decisions regarding navigation, speed control, and obstacle avoidance.

Nature-inspired AI will allow autonomous agents to predict uncertain or chaotic real-road conditions. This technology will also help remove the need for re-learning how to drive for different use cases and geographies. TVA, an agnostic technology operated by cameras as its sensor suite will help the vehicles navigate real-world scenarios safely.

Minus Zero, the company that has launched the vehicle has recently raised a $1.7 million seed fund from various angel investors from the autonomous vehicle industry including Chiratae Ventures, Snow Leopard Ventures, and IIT Mandi.

The startup aims to collaborate with OEM’s for growth by furthering and advancing its proprietary technologies – Nature Inspired AI (NIA) and True Vision Autonomy (TVA).


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