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Apple WWDC 23’: Innovation and evolution at its best

Apple introduced new range of devices and softwares for its devices in WWDC 23’.

In an event which lasted for little more than two hours, Apple released some of the most pathbreaking and mind-blowing technology.

Apple started the event with the launch of the brand new 15 inch Macbook Air with the M2 chip. It also launched the brand new Mac Studio and the Mac Pro.

The company also announced a brand new chip for the new Mac Studio, the ‘M2 Max’. A new chip called the ‘M2 Ultra’ was also launched, this chip will be a combo of 2 M2 Max chips joined together.

The M2 Ultra chip on the Mac Pro will support upto 192GB of unified heights, the Mac Pro will also feature the power of 7 Afterburner cards.

The 15inch Macbook Air will cost $1299, the Mac Studio will start at $1,999 and the Mac Pro will start at $6,999.

Post the launch of the hardware, Apple then focused on the software part of the programme. Apple launched the iOS17, iPadOS 17, MacOS 14 (Sonoma), WatchOS 10 and new features for AirPods, AirPlay and Apple TV.

Apple for its softwares added quite a few new updates and features such as customisable phone app, video voicemail, NameDrop and Standby amongst other things. It has also introduced FaceTime for Apple TV, mental health features on the watchOS, new video effects for presentations on MacOS Sonoma(MacOS 14) and Adaptive audio for its Airpods.

Towards the end of the programme, Apple launched its most innovative product so far: The ‘Vision Pro’ which is a Mixed Reality headset. With Vision Pro you will be able to do everything from watching your favourite shows/movies in 3D to playing games and doing your daily productivity tasks such as emailing or making a presentation with just a headset on.

Apple has also claimed that it is ‘the most advanced personal electronics device ever’ and that they have filed 5000 patents for it.

 It will be powered by two Apple silicon chips, the M2 and the R1 which is a brand new chip and will run on VisionOS a software for the most advanced personal device ever.

Disney in its 100th year has also partnered with Apple to make Disney+ available for the Vision Pro from the start and make entertainment more immersive.

 Although this brand new technology seems interesting, the only caveat at the moment is its battery life which is maximum of 2 hours. The Apple Vision Pro will start at $3,499.

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