2 Indian ‘bros’ build a Javascript based programming language ‘Bhai Lang’, that has now become a hit with developers

The language written in Typescript started as an ‘inside joke’ and now is being hailed by programmers.

A brand new toy programming language is in town called “Bhai-lang” based on Javascript and works like any other language ie HTML, CSS, Java, C++ etc but since it’s written in Typescript, it makes programming look a lot more fun.

Based on Typescript, Bhailang uses Hinglish syntax. hi bhai is the entrypoint for the program and all program must end with bye bhai. Anything outside of it will be ignored.

Syntaxes include Agar bhai, bol bhai, tab tak bhai and more instead of ‘if’, ‘or’ and ‘int’ functions etc. Programmers will be needed to use “bhai ye hai” to declare variables.

The new programming language Bhai-lang was developed by Aniket Singh, Rishabh Tripathi that initiated as an inside joke, they both are software development engineers at Amazon and Groww, respectively.

On the GitHub page of “Bhai-lang,” a user can see the entire directory of how to use built-ins, conditionals, and loops while programming in the experimental Javascript programme.

If your code runs successfully this programming language gives “🎉Shandar Bhai” message in green color as output

But for error, you see Ashneer Grover Famous message “Bhai kya kar raha hai tu” with red text.

The toy programming language can be accessed on its website –

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