Existence of cryptoterrestrial intelligent life right beside us: Harvard researchers

Cryptoterrestrials exist, at least according to a new research at Harvard's Human Flourishing Program and Montana Technological University. And while these beings may not only exist extraterrestrially, they may even have existed right beside us, maybe for millennia.

A yet-to-be peer reviewed speculative paper published by Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Program and Montana Technological University proposes an interesting hypothesis: advanced “cryptoterrestrials” may be living among us, concealed within the Earth’s depths, such as volcanoes, or even in close proximity, like the moon. 

The term “cryptoterrestrials” refers to a potentially ancient and technological superior race, that stay hidden now after surviving cataclysms and continue to exist in secrecy. This concept, if true, will challenge our understanding of life on Earth and the passage of history— including our search for intelligent life beyond our planet, in the unending vacuum of space. 

The paper categorises these beings into several subtypes. The first among them are termed “human cryptoterrestrials,” and are speculated to be remnants of an ancient human civilisation, technologically advanced yet devastated by past disasters, such as floods. These survivors are posited to have retreated into the Earth’s depths, continuing their existence away from human eyes. 

Another category are the “theropod cryptoterrestrials,” hypothesised to be descendants of dinosaurs that escaped extinction and evolved into intelligent beings. These entities are speculated to have adapted to life underground, avoiding detection for millennia. 

The researchers also entertain the possibility of “former extraterrestrials,” aliens who arrived on Earth from distant worlds and have since blended into the planet’s fabric, concealing their presence and technology from human discovery. 

Magical Cryptoterrestrials: Earthbound Angels or Mythical Creatures

Lastly, the paper also proposes “magical cryptoterrestrials,” akin to earthbound angels or mythical creatures of folklore such as fairies and elves. These beings, though more fantastical, are suggested to have a basis in reality and could account for some of the unexplained phenomena witnessed by humans over the ages. 

The hypothesis draws on various sources. A testimony by Dr. Shirley Wright, who claimed that Albert Einstein’s team met with advanced human-like entities from the Roswell UFO incident. These beings, in the incident, were described as “just humans but an advanced form,” suggesting that we may have already encountered cryptoterrestrials without realising their true nature. 

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The paper’s authors argue that these cryptoterrestrials could be responsible for the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that have puzzled observers for decades. Locations like Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico and Mount Shasta in California, known for frequent UFO sightings, are proposed as potential habitats for these elusive beings. 

While this proposition may seem like the stuff of science fiction, the authors posit this as a plausible explanation behind UAPs. They suggest that rather than being visitors from afar, these phenomena could originate from intelligent life that has been here all along and had gone unnoticed by us— hidden in plain sight. 

The concept of cryptoterrestrials, however, invites us to reconsider our place in the cosmos and the possibility that Earth’s history harbours secrets far more profound than we have imagined. It encourages a broader perspective on the search for extraterrestrial lives and one that includes the potential of advanced civilisations to exist right beside us. 

Although the paper awaits further research and peer review, it does highlight the necessary question surrounding most of these incidents, that have been cited as evidence for this case, are still pending appropriate explanations— and hence, this paper is as good an explanation as any. 

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