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West Bengal Violence: Women, Child, Schedule Caste and Human Rights authorities issue statements

Even the Mayor of West Bengal said this is the fall of government and said people have taken refugee in Assam. He also stated that people were pleading him to save them and their homeland.

Post-poll violence had become a recurrent theme of news emerging out of Bengal following the declaration of assembly election results. In an overwhelming number of such incidents, the victims were BJP supporters and workers, while the accused were said to be the supporters of the TMC party. Dozens of BJP workers have lost their lives in the post-poll violence that ensued following the victory of the TMC party in the assembly elections.

The violence unleashed against them forced hundreds of BJP party workers and supporters to flee their villages along with their families. They crossed over to neighboring Assam, where they are provided temporary shelter on the orders of new Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. It is not just the BJP but even CPI(M) which has accused the TMC of killing its workers.


Here’s a look at who said what:

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar:

“There was bloodshed in the state, History will judge the bureaucracy of West Bengal, police and administration. This is such an issue, where nobody has the right to play politics,” Dhankar told reporters.

“I do not understand till when will the tussle with the Governor, central forces, central government continue. I have seen that in Cooch Behar. I feel ashamed to speak to you on this. The people fear the police now, of going to the police station. The police is fearful of the ruling party karyakartas. I would not comment much as I am not in the land of West Bengal. My solidarity with Assam. I wish to convey this to the government of Assam,” said the Governor.

National Commission for Scheduled Castes Chief Vijay Sampla:

“For the first time since 1947, rapes and murders are happening with no state protection. The most affected have been people from Scheduled Caste,” ANI quoted Sampla as saying.

“So far 1,627 cases including 10-12 rapes, 15-20 murder cases of violence against the SC community; 672 new cases reported. I have told the ADGP to probe against SHO. Rehabilitation (of villagers) should be borne by the State,” he added.


“When I visited Nabagram, Police told me that culprits from both sides were SC, but on inquiring we found that many were ‘General’ too. And the ones (from SC) who visit a police station to file a complaint are attacked, their houses are looted,” he said.

National Commission for Women Chief Rekha Sharma:

“Women who were not even part of any political party but were critical to ruling party and CM are being targeted. Goons are pelting stones on their houses, sending threat messages, even forcefully making them pay for their parties. These educated women are worried about their young daughters and want to send the out of the state.”

“This is the condition in Kolkata which is capital of the state. Women in outskirts of Kolkata and other districts sp. In villages are worst hit.” she said.
“Many allegedly raped but are afraid to come out and report. They are afraid that those same rapists will not let them live and police will not help them. Also there is social pressure and fear that they will not be accepted in society or won’t be able to get married if society knows about the rape. Many women lost there homes and whatever meager possessions they had. Their houses got burnt, there clothes, jewelry, utensils even rashan got looted. Many of them flead their homes and living in camps set by some people where the living condition is not proper sp seeing the spread of Corona.”
“Younger members of the families, men and women have left their elderlies at home and flead after getting severely beaten up allegedly by ruling party goons to save their lives. I saw so much pain and anguish in their eyes and had no answer to their question about their return back to their homes.” Rekha Sharma said in an open letter.

National Commission for Protection of Children Rights (NCPCR):

“rehabilitation of displaced children from West Bengal to Dhubri due to alleged post-poll violence & atrocities meted to them by certain persons who are reportedly politically motivated”

Taking cognisance of the plight of children who may have sought refuge in the two districts of Assam that borders Bengal, the NCPCR asked the DMs to immediately visit the camps where refugees from WB are staying and any other such place where these children are residing, to find out their exact numbers and other related facts connected to the brutalities endured by these children in West Bengal.

“The Commission is of the view that statements of all these children be recorded by child welfare police officer of the district (CWPO), and the same be submitted to the Commission for perusal and further necessary action,” the letter read.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad:

BJP Chief JP Nadda:

“Village after village was ransacked in Gosaba, Sandeshkhali, East Canning. People from Cooch Behar had to take refuge in neighbouring Assam. People from South 24 Parganas have suffered a double tragedy. Months ago, they were hit by Amphan and now they are facing Mamataphan,” Nadda was quoted in a report by the Times of India.

He also revealed that the post-poll violence in West Bengal led to around 80,000 people abandoning their homes in the state.

Nadda insisted that a constitutional procedure had to be followed for Presidential rule. Instead, he said that the party will utilize its own strength to take up the aforementioned issues.

“There is a procedure for that. The governor generates a report and the MHA examines it. As far as the party is concerned, we are going to take up the cause on our own strength.” he added.

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