Two states of Congress; Rahul abuses Adani in Kerala while Gehlot seeks investment from Adani in Rajasthan

At the Invest Rajasthan 2022 summit sharing stage with CM Gehlot, Adani announced an investment of 65,000 crore rupees in the state while Rahul Gandhi accuses Adani for crony capitalism down south in Kerala as part of his Bharat Jodo Yatra.

The Congress party’s Bhramhastra against the BJP has been that crony capitalism is being let into the economic hierarchy of India by PM Modi by allowing two of his favorite business tycoons Adani and Ambani control most of the country’s resources and businesses. ” Suit boot ki sarkar ” & ” hum do humare do ” has been a constant sloganeering by Congress for the past few years.

During the Bharat Jodo Yatra which is currently ongoing in the Southern parts of India, Rahul Gandhi has constantly in a near sustained manner attacked PM Modi for doling out loans and favored policies towards his favorite business tycoons. He has accused PM Modi of taking out money from the common people and giving it to his capitalist friends. He even alleged that policies like GST and demonetization were aimed at destroying small entrepreneurs so that large businesses gain a stranglehold.

Addressing a public meeting in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi made a veiled reference to Gautam Adani and said the second-richest man on the planet is from India and asked “who gives him money to build businesses”.

” He can monopolize any business he wants in the country. He can buy any airport and port. He can dominate agriculture, power, and solar business. Who gives him money to build these businesses? It comes from public sector banks, it is your money,” Rahul Gandhi said. Last year in December too, while addressing the gathering during a rally organized by Congress in Jaipur, Rahul Gandhi had said, “Airports, coal mines, supermarkets, wherever you see, only two people are visible. Adani Ji and Ambani Ji.

In a strange twist of turns which is being seen as a hypocritical stance of the Congress , during the Invest Rajasthan Summit 2022 Congress CM of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot was seen sharing the stage with the same Adani who has been vilified umpteen number times by the Congress.

Adani announced an investment of 65,000 crore rupees in the state including setting up a 10,000 MW solar power facility, expanding a cement plant, two medical colleges, and a cricket stadium, and upgrading the Jaipur International Airport over the next five to seven years.

Praising business tycoon Gautam Adani and welcoming his investments in Rajasthan, CM Ashok Gehlot said, “Gautam Bhai was speaking about Gujarat. Gujaratis have always been very capable, even pre-independence. It had industrialization even before independence. Maharashtra-Gujarat has always been economically well off. I’ll speak about Rajasthan. The state faced drought and famine for centuries. There used to be migration. Gautam Bhai, one should appreciate the courage of Rajasthanis. Your state was in good condition, now we hear Gautam Adani is among the top two richest people in the world.”

He further said, “Be it Adani, Ambani, or Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah, we will welcome all. We want employment and investment”.

This 180-degree stance of Ashok Gehlot concerning Adani is being seen as a revolt and brewing discontent against the Gandhis particularly after the Congress Presidential polls fiasco. BJP IT cell chief Ashok Malviya tweeted, ” In another sign of revolt and brewing discontent against the Gandhis, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot invites Gautam Adani for the investor summit. He is given a seat right next to the CM. This is an open message to Rahul Gandhi, who doesn’t tire of berating Adani-Ambani, to back off. “

An embarrassed Rahul Gandhi clarified that he is not against any corporate and that his opposition is towards monopolization plus preferential treatment given to a select few. He said he has no problems as long as the business is fairly given to Adani and will be the first to oppose in case of irregularities.

“Mr. Adani has committed ₹60,000 crores to Rajasthan. No chief minister can refuse such an offer. It would not be correct for a chief minister to refuse such an offer,” Rahul Gandhi said earlier in the day, at the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ press conference.

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