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‘Rahul Gandhi demolished the mechanism of this party’: Ghulam Nabi Azad quits Congress after 50 years

In strong worded letter to Sonia Gandhi, he parted ways from the party, and many local leaders followed him in the move.

In a fresh jolt to the Congress, senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad resigned from the party with sharp jabs at the Gandhis and the organisational leadership.

In an explosive letter to party chief Sonia Gandhi, the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said he has resigned from all positions and the primary membership of the Congress, calling out Rahul Gandhi for “immaturity” and for “demolishing the consultative mechanism” in the party.

The development comes after Azad quit the post of the head of the Jammu and Kashmir Congress campaign committee on August 16.

The former Rajya Sabha MP also lashed out at Rahul Gandhi, blaming his “immaturity” for the Congress’s dwindling political clout and poor performance in elections.

“One of the most glaring examples of this immaturity was the tearing up of a government ordinance in the full glare of the media by Rahul Gandhi… This ‘childish’ behaviour completely subverted the authority of the Prime Minister and government of India. This one single action more than anything else contributed significantly to the defeat of the UPA government in 2014,” wrote Azad in the letter.

The Congress, he said, has lost both the will and the ability under tutelage of the coterie that runs the All India Congress Committee to fight for what is right for India, Azad, part of the G-23 group seeking change in party, said.

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