Opposition moves ‘No-Confidence Motion’ against Modi government in Parliament

NDA government has a majority in the Lok Sabha and while the opposition has less than 150 members in the Parliament.

The opposition parties moved a no-confidence against the Modi government in the Lok Sabha. The no-confidence motion was filed against the Modi government by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi today at 9:20 AM in the notice office. Other than the Congress MP, even BRS MP Nageswara Rao filed the motion.

As per the Lok Sabha rules, after the motion is moved, it has to be listed in the business of the day and has to be backed by at least 50 MPs to be taken for discussion. After assessing, the speaker allots date and time for the discussion.

Even though the opposition has moved the no-confidence motion, the Modi government is expected to breeze through the test as they have a majority of the numbers in the Lok Sabha, while, the opposition only has 150 members in the Lok Sabha and is guaranteed to lose.

However, the opposition is not using the no-confidence motion to dismiss the government but rather to count the failures of the government and to pressurise the Prime Minister to speak on Manipur, in spite of the Home Minister speaking on it. “Regarding the no-confidence motion, we are well aware that the numbers are not in our favour. But it not about the numbers, the PM will have to speak in the Parliament following a no-confidence motion,” says RJD MP Manoj Jha.

The parliament was adjourned twice till now till 12 PM and 2PM. Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla said that Lok Sabha may discuss the no-confidence motion brought by the opposition on the Modi government next week. Birla said a date and time will be decided after consultation with all the parties.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said PM Modi should speak in Parliament on what is happening in Manipur. “This is the reason why the opposition is bringing this no-confidence motion,” PTI quoted Nitish Kumar as saying.

Reacting to the no-confidence motion, Congress MP Pramod Tiwari said, “There is just one number that is important – 10%, meaning 51, 52 or 53 (MPs)…When INDIA brings the Motion, the number will obviously be higher. The motive for bringing this motion is that we get to speak on the failures and the matters related to the security of the country besides inflation and unemployment.”

A viral video of PM Modi from 2018 has also come forward where he is seen urging the opposition to prepare for a no-confidence motion in 2023. This statement was made by PM Modi in 2018 after winning the trust vote by a thumping majority. In 2018, a no-confidence motion was brought by the TDP and other opposition parties. Sumitra Mahajan was then the Lok Sabha speaker and had allowed the trust vote.

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