Neither BJP nor JD(U) did any work to deserve winning Bihar elections but they won because people had no choice

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Development is not just measured by building roads/ highways or a few buildings in main cities but by improving and bringing positive changes in the lives of people.

Over the past 15 years, under the leadership of Nitish Kumar the state and its people have barely seen any change in terms of development. The condition of Bihar still remains as miserable as it was back in 2005.

If it were not for PM Modi or BJP, the NDA coalition would have lost big time not just due to the anti-incumbency but because people were sick of voting for the same people, giving them chances and yet none of them bring a change.

Be it 2005 or 2020, BJP just contributed its seats to winning the elections but for the rest of the tenure of government, it has been merely a mute spectator siting on the passenger seating quietly watch Nitish Kumar do nothing.

But when it comes to winning, the second reason behind NDA’s win in Bihar apart from the ‘Modi/Yogi factor’ is that the people of Bihar had literally no other or should we say better choice.

These people chose the better out of the worst and they ended up voting for NDA. Not to forget, when in elections, a win by a few percentages of vote is not really called a win.

And to really shine in for the next election, the BJP+ has to bring in some visible changes in the state and not just superficial content that only lies on the papers just like other states as the local elections cannot just always be fought on the basis of what you did on a national scale.

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