MARD: UP political party challenges Lok Sabha polls for men’s rights

Armed with their tagline, ‘Mard ko dard hota hai’ and their 'MAN'ifesto, the party is ready to take on the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections from Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Ranchi.

In 2009, men facing legal issues key to Dowry Prohibition Act and Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act came together to form a political party: Mera Adhikar Rashtriya Dal (MARD). Today, they’re contesting in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. 

The party’s tagline, ‘Mard ko dard hota hai’ (men feel pain too) is apparent to the condition of the party-workers, according to them.

It is a political party that has emerged against the backdrop of an environment that brings gender equality and women’s rights to the forefront of its manifesto, by claiming to advocate for the other half of the coin— men’s rights. However, they’ve not met much success. Since 2009, the party has contested seven elections but on none of these occasions could they bring back a turnover and had to forfeit their deposit. But that doesn’t seem to be holding them back.

In the 2024 elections, it’s candidates will be contesting from Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Ranchi. Their ‘MANifesto’ proposes the passing of bills and initiatives that directly mirror those set in place for women. ‘Men’s Safety Bill,’ and ‘Men’s Power Line’ being some of the steps they’re willing to take, alongside establishing a ‘Ministry for Men’s Welfare’ and a ‘National Commission for Men.’ 

Kapil Mohan Choudhary, co-founder and president, is contesting the Lucknow Lok Sabha seat. He has been fighting a dowry case levied against him since 2009, with his ex-wife taking his children while pressing false dowry and domestic violence cases. He says that it is these things that had prompted him to think about a political party that would rally it’s focus around men’s rights too and does not intend to infringe on women’s. 

As per IANS, he says, “I have two kids from my first marriage, both taken away by my ex-wife. Later, I was falsely accused in dowry and domestic violence cases. While fighting these cases in Lucknow, I met many others facing similar charges in similar situations. I got divorced, but the dowry case is still ongoing. To highlight men’s rights, we formed a political party.” 

While these laws may sound uncalled for and moderately berserk to an average person, it does make sense considering the circumstances of those in charge of this party.

Sonu Rai will be contesting from Gorakhpur and Dhananjay Kumar will be contesting from Ranchi.

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