Kejriwal’s assistant ‘misbehaved’ with MP Swati Maliwal in Delhi CM’s drawing room: AAP

In response to the reported attack, BJP attacked Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP, calling Kejriwal's home a "boxing ring".

Kejriwal’s assistant ‘misbehaved’ with MP Swati

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has stated that an aide to Delhi CM Minister Arvind Kejriwal had “misbehaved” with Swati Maliwal. The party went on to say that Kejriwal is aware of the issue and will deal with the offending party appropriately.

Senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha member Swati Maliwal went to the Civil Lines police station early on Monday, May 13, claiming that Bibhav Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal’s personal assistant, had attacked her. She didn’t, however, make a formal complaint.

On Monday, neither Swati Maliwal nor the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) commented on the issue.

AAP MP Sanjay Singh verified on Tuesday that Kejriwal’s assistant did, in fact, mistreat Swati Maliwal when she was waiting to see him at his home in Delhi. Sanjay Singh mentioned that Kejriwal’s drawing room was the location of the event.

“Yesterday, a condemnable incident took place. Swati Maliwal had gone to Arvind Kejriwal’s residence to meet him. While she was waiting for him in the drawing room, Bibhav Kumar allegedly misbehaved with her. The CM has taken cognisance of the matter, and he will take appropriate action,” he said, as quoted by PTI.

On Monday, the Delhi Police said that at 9:34 a.m., Swati Maliwal, the former head of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), called the PCR number to report that Bibhav Kumar had assaulted her.

She showed up at the police station at ten in the morning, but she left without making a formal complaint after five minutes. She departed after learning that assault cases necessitated a medical test, a police officer told PTI.

In response to the reported attack, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) attacked Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP, calling Kejriwal’s home a “boxing ring” and pointing out that Anshu Prakash, the former chief secretary of Delhi, had also been beaten there.

Kejriwal's assistant 'misbehaved'
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Who is Bibhav Kumar?

Bibhav Kumar first connected with Arvind Kejriwal during the ‘India Against Corruption’ movement, where he worked as a video journalist editing videos for the movement’s magazine in 2011.

Over time, their friendship deepened, and Bibhav Kumar is now regarded as Kejriwal’s ‘right-hand man,’ responsible for organizing his daily schedule.

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