Chhattisgarh CM’s 86 year old father arrested for comments against Brahmins

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has his 86-year-old father arrested after the anti-Brahmin tirade of the latter.

Nand Kumar Baghel, the father of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister is well known for his anti-Brahmin hate speeches. In 2000 he had written a book ” Brahman Kumar, Ravan ko mat Maro “which was anti-Brahmin to the core, before the 2018 assembly elections he had demanded to his son that tickets must not be given to Brahmins and in the past had made derogatory remarks against Lord Ram. His list of anti-Brahmin hate speeches is endless.

This time he crossed all the limits by describing Brahmins as outsiders who should be socially boycotted and thrown out of India. In a speech in the poll-bound state of UP, he said, “Brahmins will be sent from the river Ganga to the Volga. They are foreigners. They consider us untouchables and are snatching all our rights. I will urge villagers to not let Brahmins enter their village.”

After the video emerged Brahmin groups filed a case against him on 5th September under IPC sections 153-A (promoting disharmony, enmity, or hatred between different groups) and 505-A (speech causing fear or alarm among a group or provoking violence). He was arrested from Delhi and taken to Raipur to be produced before a local court where he rejected to apply for bail and hence was sent to judicial custody on September 7th, the next hearing is on 21st September.

After his father was charged last week, the Chief Minister had stressed that he would get no special treatment. The notable fact is that the CM does not live with his father and has had political differences with him.

“Nobody is above the law before my government, even if he is the Chief Minister’s 86-year-old father. As Chief Minister, I have the responsibility to maintain harmony among different communities. If he made a remark against a community, I am sorry. Legal action will be taken,” Bhupesh Baghel had told reporters on Sunday. “Everyone knows about my ideological differences with my father. Our political thoughts and beliefs are different. I respect him as his son, but as Chief Minister, I cannot forgive him for such mistakes which disturb public order.”

Mr Baghel also underlined that the Chhattisgarh government “respects every religion, caste and community and their sentiment”. Observers indicate such a move was done so that congress does not face any negative impact in the upcoming UP polls.

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