Beef is the National Food of India: BJP candidate during campaign in Muslim Majority constituency

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BJP candidate Banendra Kumar Mushahary from Gauripur during an election campaign in a minority-dominated area said that ‘beef’ is the ‘National Dish’ of India. He further claimed it to be an international dish that cannot be banned in Assam or anywhere in the country. Mushahary further added, “The beef that we eat how can it be banned?”

Mushahary said beef is an international dish, adding, “Educated Muslims in the rural areas of Assam should understand that no one can ban the sale of beef in Assam or anywhere in India.”

Following his statement, protests were held against Mushahary in Dhubri district of Assam.

As such, the members of Purbanchal Hindu Aikya Mancha have registered an FIR against the leader at Dispur Police Station, Guwahati. In the FIR, the Hindu group has stated that Mushahary has tried “to garner votes of a particular community by hurting the sentiments of another community.”

The Purbanchal Hindu Aikya Mancha has further forwarded the concern to the Election Commission of India (ECI).  

“At a time when we are trying to address cow killings, whatever he has said, it is not right, ” Lima Mahanta, President of Purbanchal Hindu Aikya Mancha told G Plus.

The Election Commission of India has also lodged an FIR at the Gauripur Police Station against BJP candidate Banendra Kumar Mushahary for his recent comments, where he claimed that beef is the “national dish” of India. 

Reports also suggest that Mushahary has made this statement in order to appease the minority population in the Constituency. However, it did not go down well with Local Hindu bodies who also demanded an apology from the Minister.

BJP workers in Dhubri district have also raised serious questions on Mushahary’s statement at the election meeting in Gauripur and demanded that the BJP candidate should immediately tender his apology.

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