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Raebareli-born BJP youth wing vice president Abhinav Prakash nominated to debate Rahul Gandhi

"It will be an enriching debate between a political scion and a common youngster who has come up the hard way," Surya said.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has Abhinav Prakash nominated as a leader of its youth wing, to debate Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in public.

Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) chairman and Karnataka BJP politician Tejasvi Surya wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi stating that the BJYM had “deputed” Abhinav Prakash to debate with the Congress leader.

According to Surya, Abhinav, the national vice-president of the BJYM, is a youthful, intelligent leader from the Pasi (SC) community, which makes up about 30% of the electorate in Rae Baraeli, the seat Gandhi is running from.

“It will be an enriching debate between a political scion and a common youngster who has come up the hard way,” Surya said.

Abhinav Prakash nominated
Source: Firstpost

The news was made one day after Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi received letters from a few retired judges last week inviting them to a forum to discuss problems related to the Lok Sabha election.

Rahul Gandhi accepted the invitation and stated that the Prime Minister is expected to attend on behalf of the country.

The BJP declined the debate invitation, claiming that PM Modi had no business debating Rahul Gandhi because he lacked credentials even within the Congress.

Abhinav Prakash Nominated as BJYM’s Representative for Debate with Rahul Gandhi

“Firstly, the person who does not have the courage to contest against a normal BJP worker in his so-called castle, should refrain from boasting. Secondly, who wants to sit at level with PM Modi and have a debate? I want to ask him if he is a PM candidate of the INDIA bloc,” said Smriti Irani, who is the BJP candidate from Amethi, the seat which Rahul Gandhi lost to her in the 2019 elections.

Abhinav Prakash nominated
Source: Jansatta

Now, the party’s youth wing has deputed Abhinav Prakash to debate with the Congress scion.

In his letter, Surya said, “Dear Rahul Gandhi Ji, BJYM has deputed Abhinav Prakash, National Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha, as a BJYM’s representative for the upcoming debate”.

“We eagerly anticipate your acceptance, setting the stage for what promises to be a historic debate between the scion of a political dynasty which has ruled India for the longest time since independence and a commoner representing the new India of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi,” it added.

Surya, in his letter, also pointed out that Abhinav Prakash hails from Uttar Pradesh, a state Gandhi has previously represented in Parliament.

“Additionally, he is from a Dalit caste, Pasi, which makes up the significant proportion of over 30 per cent of the scheduled caste population in Raebareli. This is the very constituency your family has long represented and where you are a current electoral contender,” Surya said.

“An alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University and an assistant professor of economics at Delhi University’s Ramjas College, with previous teaching stints at SRCC, his profound understanding of social, economic, and political dynamics is poised to enrich the debate significantly,” he added.

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