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80-year-old woman assaulted by TMC goons because her son joined BJP: Mamata Banerjee’s regime is bound to end

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A BJP worker and his mother were thrashed allegedly by Trinamool Congress workers on Friday night. Visuals of the old injured lady has caused much anguish among people on social media. The frail Shobha Majumder, mother of Gopal Majumder, has said that she was hit on her head by Trinamool workers.

In the heartbreaking interview to ANI, the old woman struggles to recount the horrors she had to endure. Her eyes were swollen and her face had a sick dark hue.

As per reports, the incident took place at around 1:30 am on Friday night when the victim, identified as Gopal Mazumdar, and his aged mother were at their residence in Ward No.6 in Nimta in North DumDum city. The accused men attacked him with the hood of a gun and pushed his mother, following which they sustained grave injuries to their face. A First Information Report (No. 197/21) has been registered at the Nimta police station, following a complaint by the victim.

For us Indians, Humanity/feminism comes second and the political ideology/caste/religion of a victim comes first because we believe in pseudo secularism where in if the suffering entity is not someone we like, then they deserve it even if it is an innocent 80-year-old woman who has called prey to a fascist regime.

There is no one more double-faced than us who at one point want democracy but refuse to raise out voice when our own ideology’s people commit crime.

Talk about fascism, who is the real fascist than the people who are ignoring this act of violence and the murder of 400+ people because they chose to stand against the government?

If yu think your secularism and democracy is only limited to your ideological beliefs then you are the fascist, and it is time we start looking into our own hypocrisy than pointing out others.

We talk about Godi Media, but did it talk about such issues? No? And then we think media is compromised. In reality it is how Indians perceive things. When we don’t get news that we like, or want to hear, we call it names rather acknowledging that crimes occur the other way round too.

So blinded by naive ideologies Indians have forgotten that humanity still comes first. This might be a case in West Bengal but next could be your mother, BJP or Congress or TMC ruled state, and then people will watch you cry but not raise voice for you because you didn’t stand by them either.

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