Why the idea of independent journalism fails in India: Rising intolerance towards anything that opposes our ideology

We all have our biases, but the problem with India's Right or left wing is that they don't want to face the truth & will ‘cancel you’ if something is against their ideology/preference/political leaning.

Thinking sanely with all our biases on the side is not an option anymore because what people do these days while reading the news is not read the news, but find caste/religion/gender/political angle and how it offends them due to their biases towards everything.

The problem amongst most youth is not just the intolerance towards anything that is different from their bias/opinions but that they cannot absorb the fact that someone, is telling something which factually true and yet, is against what they preach/prefer.

This is when they start calling names, cancelling, giving different types of ‘phobic’ tags and last demeaning by digging up dirt on anyone let alone the independent media whose only purpose is to show reality irrespective of what their audience likes/dislikes.

Take for the current example during the Pandemic, if we talk about Kumbh gatherings, we are cancelled by pall-bearers of Right-Wing claiming we are Hinduphobic, then we question Mosque gatherings and rallies for beheading in UP, the pallbearers of Liberal ideology come with ‘Islamophobic’ tags and if later we question the massive gatherings in Gurudwaras for festivals, then religious extremists call us out.

No matter how neutral and unbiased any media platform is, it is the people who cannot stand criticism of their ideology or the political party they support or they religion they belong to. After all the youth prefers turning blind eye towards the wrongdoings of their preferred subject, and only highlight what they already ‘detest’.

Another similar example here is of election Rallies: All the political parties conducted rallies during these times knowing the fact that Indian healthcare is on a brink of collapsing but people who like BJP will ignore their gatherings, the people prefer other parties will only highlight BJP as if no one other is campaigning.

This intolerance against any red pill has so deeply settled in the minds of youth that they will only prefer partial, sold out and biased media that only shows what they want to see, which is why the idea of independent journalism although needed, is not supported.

It is easy to be biased, you get funding from political parties, you get funding from its followers, you get funding from organizations that want to push their propaganda. But when it comes to unbiased & centrist journalism that shows both side of the story, the only thing that stays by you is the truth and that’s the reason why such form of journalism struggles to exist, survive

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