Supporting Umar Khalid & Sharjeel is not less than a crime: They not only conspired riots but also wanted to break India

umar khalid imam

Freedom of Expression does not state that you could spread communal hatred amongst people and brainwash them into wanting to break the country into pieces just because you don’t like the democratically chosen government.

Under the cover of ‘atheism’, Umar Khalid communalized the protests and conspired the entire Delhi Riots from Bihar as per the Delhi Police’s chargesheet following which the court accepted the charges of UAPA against him and Sharjeel Imam.

There are certain judgements over the same and a huge section of youth thinks that the Delhi Police is suppressing them because that is what certain extremist media outlets portray, but the fact is very far from it.

We all remember Umar Khalid’s ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Hongey Insha Allah’ slogan and Sharjeel Imam’s ‘Let’s block the bottleneck of North-east India where our own muslim people are majority and separate it from the country’ speech at Shaheen Bagh.

There’s nothing right in either of the cases and they think they could get away from it just because they are 30-year-old ‘students’ doing a degree on an african tribe.

The fact is Umar Khalid has had the separatist mind and it was revealed after the first major conflict in JNU over the death of Afzal Guru but at that time CM Arvind Kejriwal came to support him and he was bailed out.

Dividing India is not a joke.

And if you think they said the correct thing and India should be divided, you should know that 2 million people were Killed during partition just because some people thought dividing India would solve their problems and now we can see how Pakistan is one of the highest indebted country in the world.

If you support them, and think conspiring riots, dividing india, killing millions of people is a part of ‘freedom of expression’ and that they are just practicing their freedom by protesting against the death of a terrorist (Afzal Guru), then you are nothing less than a criminal and are a peril to the country.

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