Narendra Modi is turning himself into Manmohan Singh, just another Silent Prime Minister

Former PM Manmohan Singh (Back) with PM Narendra Modi (Front) [IMAGE- AP Photo]

Over the past few months, there has been a significant rise in the murders of BJP Leaders across West Bengal and Kashmir, alongside the communal attacks on Hindus of the country throughout the states where BJP itself is in power, yet the Prime Minister has barely uttered a single word against anyone.

Be it the Nikita Tomar’s Love Jihad case in Haryana like thousands other across the country or the state-sponsored Police firing at Durga immersion in Munger, the leader who was elected with the largest mandate ever to stand for the people has kept silent throughout.

While the people of the country more specifically of Hindu community have been subject to attrocities by select groups, no coice has been raised neither has any rigid action taken to stop such acts.

Portraying himself as a powerless Prime-Minister, Narendra Modi although has time to tweet about Javed Akhtar’s wife’s knee injury and the lynching of tabrez/akhlaq but he has no time to raise voice or take action over the lynching of Sadhus in Maharashtra, BJP leaders of Bengal or Love Jihad victims across the country.

The latter has even ignored the frequent attacks on freedom of speech and media by opposition parties who instead used to vouch for him and backed him.

Comparing him to Manmohan Singh might not be appropriate because even though he remained silent, he at least did not let his own voters suffer like this for the sake of appeasement politics.

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