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Modern-Day Feminism in India is less about women and more about politics, radical extremist ideologies

Fact remains that if the suffering woman doesn’t have a ‘left’ ideology or isn’t anti-govt or isn’t hinduphobic, her issues would be completely ignored by mass activists and her rights will be compromised.

Ideological biases in the country has created a divide even within Feminism.

Now, if when a suffering woman raises her voice against discrimination or atrocities, first of all, the background of the victim is checked. Then they proceed towards the ideology and political inclination of the victim woman to check if she is left/right-wing and anti/pro-government.

Honestly, the woman doesn’t matter anymore in feminism, what matters is she should not be religious, and if she’s religious, she shouldn’t be from the majority community and if she’s still from the majority community, she should not be an ‘upper caste’. And an upper-caste woman is only aided/backed up by the feminists if she is staunchly anti-government.

Let’s take an example which is obviously not Kangana Ranaut as her case was quite clear of how not a single feminist/ Bollywood celebrity came in support of her despite being publicly abused by politicians and her house being destroyed.

Yesterday, an Actress named Pallavi Ghosh alleged a #MeToo case against Anurag Kashyap the entire case was ignored by feminists who would’ve come forward if the allegation was against Akshay Kumar.

Just because Anurag is anti-govt and a left extremist no one pointed out a finger at him, while Tapsee Pannu who for the sake of popularity showed her clear pseudo-support to women and once said #metoo should be taken seriously has run in her closet to defend her friend against the same.

Feminism: Which became a flag bearer for equal rights of women in countries across the world irrespective of their Left/Right wings, and which is such a great cause we vouch for, has unfortunately now been hijacked by all the radicals, politics, and feminazis who don’t want equality for women but rather their own personal benefits through it which are not what the real feminism stands for.

It is no doubt sad to see how women are not standing for women but what they are standing for are criminals, rapists, molesters just because they are of their own ideology.

And in the name of raising their voices, they only call out Hindus, their culture, their religion carry placards of ‘Brahmanical-Patriarchy’ to attack Hindus, Brahmins and passing on slurs that ‘Hindu-Rashtra is a rapist, which is nothing but a sign of Hinduphobia and discrimination against one community.

The fact that they won’t call out Burqa/Hijab because it relates to a minority but they’ll call out Ghungat is enough to prove how their selective biases work.