Watching Delhi Burn? Intelligence agencies under Amit Shah proved to be a ‘Failure’ especially after Republic Day attack and Bomb Blast within Delhi


Now that it is clear that yesterday’s blast outside the Israel Embassy was a ‘Terrorist Attack’ revenge from Israel over attacks on Iran have been cited as reasons, we have to accept that this was a major intelligence failure.

Under HM Amit Shah, Delhi has become the ground zero of all major attacks be it the 2020 Anti-CAA riots or 2021 Red Fort Attack which Delhi Police has labeled as a ‘riot’ or now this terrorist attack.

Mainland India (excluding J&K) had not seen a single terrorist attack over 5-6 years under BJP but that was because Rajnath Singh as a Home Minister had a great impact and hold over the agencies, which ended the problem before they even began.

And irrespective of how good of a ‘Chanakya’ Amit Shah is for his own party, but for India, he is costing quite a lot slack. The miscreants are everywhere and will be always but it is the authority that has to handle the situation.

We can’t just always run away from the reality by claiming it was this community or it was that community or it was the opposition. Who ever the miscreants are, it is the duty of Ministry of Home Affairs to look after the country without shifting blames.

Since 2019 whe Amit Shah became the Home Minister, Delhi has become a warzone and there is no one else to be held responsible because miscreants don’t change overnight.

Rajnath Singh on the other hand handled Home Affairs very smoothly that helped India grow through uncomfortable situations & change of government without any communal disharmony.

The attacks in National capital demean the country worldwide and it is always the authorities to be held responsible, especially a place like Lutyens Delhi which is THE MOST secure area of the country.

If terrorists can reach there & even thousands of people at Red Fort, they can reach anywhere and it is a wake-up call for BJP that they are NOT going great at all at securing the people.

Protests and all are a given concept in democracy but intelligence failure and being unable to secure the national capital and then no response from any ministry? Why are they watching Delhi Burn?

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