Indian RW proudly promotes activities of Bajrang Dal on Valentines Day and later foul cries when left defames them

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Valentine’s week just started and this dividing Indians into two categories: either you stand by the actions of Bajrang Dal on this day or you don’t.

If you support it and consider it a ‘heroic act’, then you really do NOT have to make a big deal when left or opposition parties calls Bajrang Dal as a ‘toxic, radical and extremist’ because on this day their actions are nothing less than harassment.

From blackening the faces of couples (sometimes just men) to hitting them with sticks to shoo them away and even clicking their photos to blackmail them, all these acts should be condemned irrespective of the ideology you belong.

Since Bajrang Dal is a sister organization of RSS, it should rather focus on their religion, culture, nation and not about attacking couples in parks or public places.

When this image or actions are questioned by leftists and other ideology defame these organisations, the right-wing community of India gets offended instead of realising that they are the ones who first promoted it.

Valentines day might not be your culture, but so what? Are the people not allowed to practice anything else apart from their ‘one particular culture’

If it was just limited to people who are engaging in PDA or some sexual acts in public then for once we could ignore their acts as under section 294 of IPC it is a crime but rather the volunteers of Bajrang Dal would show up even if you’re just sitting and interacting casually.

This is not just about there acts either. The fact is a majority of RW even promotes and preaches about performing such acts just because they couldn’t find a partner, which is very naïve. Aiming at harassing others but when the same happens to you will you still justify it? We talk about taking culture along with us but modernising through the way as well.

So it is important for us to acknowledge and not promote such acts that mentally and physically harm anyone for doing nothing but ‘celebrate’ love. This was not meant to hurt any religious sentiments but to wake people against such atrocities that go unnoticed as if they are ‘funny’.

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